Pregnancy | Mayan Healing Health

Receiving Maya Abdominal massages throughout pregnancy will give both relief and support to the expanding uterus and help relieve other discomforts like indigestion, lower back pain and tired legs. By continuing to have regular Maya Abdominal massage throughout pregnancy will assist and aid the stretching the ligaments as the body expands.

It is not advisable or recommended to have this type of massage before 20 weeks of pregnancy.


It has been observed that some women who have been receiving Maya Abdominal massage throughout pregnancy have a smoother labour and a quicker second stage.

Many women use some form of hypnosis to help them manage labour. Some use self- hypnosis techniques or have been trained to use hypnotherapy at the baby’s birth. These skills and tools can assist in staying in greater harmony with the body, staying calm, increasing relaxation and reducing the level of sensations experienced. It is possible to utilize the power of the mind and the body-mind connection.

Using Hypnosis at Birth Helps to:

  • Reduce your perception of Pain
  • Build your confidence and calmness
  • Diminish fears and anxiety
  • Reduce/eliminate the need for medication in labour
  • Reduce the need for interventions (c-section, forceps, etc.)
  • Learn to very quickly and deeply relax and focus
  • Expand your emotional and mental control in labour
  • Smooth the transition into parenting

Postpartum Care

After 6 weeks postpartum, new mothers can receive a full Maya Abdominal Massage (only if the delivery was normal without complications) The massage gently lifts and guides the uterus into its natural place.  The inherent balance of the body is restored in the pelvic area as well as other abdominal organs are returned to their optimum position.

Lymphatic toxins are flushed from the body and hormones balanced. It is vital that healthy reproductive functions are returned to normal i.e. healthy painless periods.

Sometimes women can experience urinary problems, like incontinence after birth where the anterior tilted uterus places pressure over the bladder and overstretches the urachus ligament that holds the bladder upright in the abdomen.

Maya Abdominal Massage is beneficial for women who have Caesarean Sections in assisting the breaking up adhesions and scarring.  For more information on  read section on Adhesions and Scarring