Testimonials | Mayan Healing Health

Jim 58 Years:

“I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and it has spread into my hip bone. The pain has been awful and even though the doctor has given me pain medication, the pain was always constantly there nagging away at me making it difficult to work and much harder to sleep or rest. I have had 6 hypnotherapy treatments and I can’t believe it. The pain that was a high 10/10 has now lowered itself to 2/10 to a dull ache to a point that I am not even focused on anymore. My quality of life has so much improved and I feel good that I am able to manage my situation and currently practice Self Hypnosis for pain management.”

Pip 16 years:

“My mother found out about the Maya Abdominal massage because I was having such painful, irregular periods. I was so skeptical about it and took me a number of months before I could bring myself to have one. Anna made me feel so comfortable, and showed me the Self-Care so I could do it for myself in between treatments. I have been having a massage once a month… so far I have had 4, they are so relaxing. I now have a regular pain free cycle and have told all my friends at school how good it is. There are so many girls at school who suffer every month with painful periods, I am glad that I am now NOT one of them!”

Lee 27 years:

“I am a single 27 year old who has had shocking periods since I began to menstruate at the age of 11.

On the first day of my period, the pain level was intense 10/10, the bleeding was so heavy and very dark. I would have to stay home from work or go home from work as the pain and bleeding would be so difficult to handle. My cycle was irregular as well. I also used to have yearly gynaecological check-up and was put on the pill which made no difference to my situation.

I started to have regular Mayan Abdominal massages with Anna.  After the first month the period pain level went down to a 2/10. I would consistently do my Self Care massage and Castor Oil packs to break down the internal congestion.  Anna told me it could take up to 6 months to clear my situation up, well she was right! I don’t have any pain or discomfort now, my cycle is regulated, and for the first time in my life I now have fresh blood. I actually look forward to my period now even though my mother think I am nuts. I do the self-care daily and have continued to massage myself with castor oil.”

Lorena   34 years:

I came to see Anna throughout my IVF journey. To date I had gone through 7 attempts of grueling IVF. I had never tried the abdominal massage before and was very skeptical though intrigued as to what it was all about. How can the stomach be linked to so many parts of the rest of your body including fertility! We also discussed vaginal steaming, again skeptical though intrigued. We did only one session of stomach massage. It was the most relaxing thing ever. I did the steams at home and continued to do self-care of the stomach massage leading up to my 8th transfer. 2 weeks later I called Anna and told her the great news – pregnant! I can’t thank Anna enough and continue to see Anna on a regular basis. I gave birth to beautiful twin boys in February…. I am stoked!

Gloria   41 years:

For years I have suffered from constipation, haemorrhoids, lower back pain and anxiety. The only relief I could get was to take laxatives which I know is not good long term for my body. I decided to give the Mayan Abdominal massage a go, it was so relaxing. Anna showed me how to do the Self Care. I massage myself every day for about 5-10 minutes, it has made such a difference, and I don’t use laxatives any more. I know how to use castor oil packs. I feel as though I can take care of myself. The anxiety and the lower back pain have disappeared.

Maggie 39 years:

I came to see Anna as my stomach was bloating every day, I eat a reasonable diet but I still bloated all the time and my tummy was always distended and uncomfortable. I see Anna once a month for a Mayan massage because I love that massage as well as I do the Self Care.  I am dreaming of that flat tummy and that bloat is decreasing. I certainly notice the difference if I don’t do the Self-care and when I do it ….much less bloat.

Christine  33 years:

Since I was 10 years of age (now 33 years) I experience constipation. I think they call it “lazy bowel” and unless I use laxatives I just don’t go to the toilet. Also I have been anxious and depressed. I have been seeing Anna for both the Mayan Abdominal massage and hypnotherapy for the anxiety. I practice the Self- care on my belly as well as castor oil packs. The constipation is improving slowly, instead of taking laxatives every-day I occasionally take them once a week if that. ….it is a massive change for me and I feel much more calm and relaxed, pleased with the results of being persistent to find a solution.

Brian 39 years:

I have been experiencing urinary problems of leakage after urination. I have very impressed with Mayan massage. The Self Care discipline it has taken care of other problems, better erections too. Anna talked to me about the pudenal nerve which lies to the back of the prostate gland and she showed me how to stimulate it. All the leakage has stopped.


Janine 33years:

I was pregnant in 3 months after seeing Anna. My husband and I were trying to conceive for over a year and no luck and we didn’t want to go down the IVF road…there just wasn’t the money for it. He was very stressed with his work and somehow he found Anna on the net and was having regular abdominal massage for some time, he loved, it helped him to relax so much.

I came to see Anna after he thought it would be a good idea to try an abdominal massage out; I had never experienced any body work before. So every month I would have abdominal massage just before ovulation, and look forward to my weekly hypnotherapy sessions for fertility, we were thrilled when pregnancy finally arrived so quickly and now blessed to have a little baby boy.