Self Care | Mayan Healing Health

Self-care is a very important, not only for education purposes but for improvement of abdominal and pelvic health.

Every client on the initial consultation is given “Self Care” education and training on how to perform the Maya Abdominal Massage on them. You also receive paperwork instruction as “back up” just in case you don’t remember the movements. On follow-up you are rechecked on how you are doing and any further questions will be answered.

By taking the time to do this massage every day is the “nuts and bolts” for reducing congestion, improving and healing symptoms.  It could take a number of months to correct any displacement of the uterus or prostrate and to strengthen and improved the elasticity of the ligaments. Self- care can address digestion issues quite quickly and the results can been seen in a number of weeks.

It is well worth the daily 5-10 minutes investment of your time on your health to treat yourself. The dividends will definitely pay off.